“Assaults have increased globally 40% since mid-2015. Operational Commanders have
understood the wisdom in preparation for crisis encounters and the importance of positive leadership roles. The P2P Fit and Safe Program will share that vital understanding for the protection of your loved ones.

Our event with TJ , Trex and Bob “Mr. Inspiration “Wieland at the Roper YMCA was just spectacular creating friendships that will last forever. Honoring our local fallen heroes truly demonstrated our communities love and support for Robbie and Scott."


   "As a Law Enforcement Veteran, I have seen

many programs and people come and go. I can

honestly say that it is so refreshing and uplifting to watch and train with TJ and this

group. They do what they do with a passion to 

help and guide the youth and have a positive impact in communities.

  If you are looking for a person or group that

is having a very powerful and positive impact on the youth and communities of this nation,

look no further, you found them."

Safer Schools Foundation is proud to be involved with bringing P2P Fit and Safe to schools and communities across the country

Olympia, Washington
Los Angeles, California

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