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Every child deserves to be safe and valued. The Safer Schools Foundation is on a mission to provide all youth with the training and skill set needed to stay safe while learning how to properly react if a situation arises all while instilling character building traits they need to thrive. 

Join us in helping our youth be safe and successful in every aspect of their lives. 

Our youth are tomorrow’s leaders, and our future is bright !


Welcome to the Safer Schools Foundation. We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization composed of a dedicated team of professionals whose top priority is keeping our communities safe by integrating a powerful program into its daily routine that promotes unity, responsibility and growth of character to today's youth.  Children are our most valuable asset, but the world they must navigate is filled with pressures not suitable for adults, much less young people.  Our goal is to take on the social challenges that our children are facing by engaging in leadership building and community focus.  The Safer Schools Foundation has partnered with P2P Fit and Safe to deliver exceptional training modules that will educate young people, allowing them to grow into respectable community participants who act responsibly and intelligently.  

 The Safer Schools Foundation believes that every life is important and deserves to be safe and valued

When you choose this training module your school will receive interactive informative sessions focused on developing young men and women into respectful participants within their communities.  The strength of their leadership and diverse problem solving skill set will lead to less violence.  Teaching our children to see each other as individuals and as important members of the community will foster unity.  Our focus on leadership and personal accountability helps them to become responsible adults who will lead with intelligence and not aggression.  This program is designed to remain in place long after our team has completed the sessions.  We foster growth in the program by bringing community volunteers and students together to continue the trainings.  Every training module comes with a manual for continuing the effort of growing the program within the community.  We encourage parents, teachers, community members and students to work together to lessen the violence in our neighborhoods.  


Safer Schools Foundation is a proud sponsor of P2P Fit and Safe.

This program combines interactive lessons along with physical fitness training.  We cover a wide range of topics that create the huge inequities that exist in every community.  Bullying, Social Media Stressors, School Violence and Disconnected Community Participation are all root causes of the violence we are witnessing today.  Our children deserve better and this program is a powerful tool that will help begin the healing.

Our team is committed to ending hate, racism, and violence. We believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect!

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