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Proudly introducing an outstanding team of professional and dedicated people who are fully committed to the mission of

Safer Schools Foundation.

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   Safety, security and situational  awareness systems founder

   David Ogden has been in law-enforcement for 30 years, and is currently the chief of police for the Windemere police department in Florida. Chief Ogden spent 14 years as a member of SWAT and led a regional agency that provided intelligence to policymakers. He is a lifelong advocate, instructor and student of developing leadership initiatives in the law-enforcement profession.

   Chief Ogden has been a martial artist for 30 years. He believes in tactical self-defense and has integrated his unique background of mental preparation for critical encounters, law-enforcement defensive tactics, and martial arts skills into a complete self-defense system. Chief Ogden holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Columbia College. He resides in Florida with his family.


Former NFL Motivational and Strength Coach

   Bob "Mr. Inspiration" Wieland has been motivating and encouraging students to reach their full potential and never give up for over 40 years. Bob is fully committed to the cause of Safer Schools Foundation.

  • Lost both legs in the Vietnam War

  • Former 4-time world record holder in the bench press with a best lift of 507 lbs

  • Walked across America on his arms in 3 years, 8 months, and 6 days

  • Former strength and motivation coach for the Green Bay Packers

  • Honored by "People Magazine" one of the "Six Most Amazing Americans" in the last 20 years

  • "Most Courageous Man in America" and presented with the "National Award for Courage" by the National Football League Player Association (NFLPA) in conjunction with the Jim Thorpe foundation

  • Only double amputee to complete the grueling ironman triathlon in Kona Hawaii without a wheelchair


   Jason Winner is truly an officer that leads by example. He graduated top of his class in the Police Academy, earning the highest G.P.A., top overall score, and voted as a police officer most wanted back by his peers. Jason has taught for the State Academy as well as a regional Tier 1 SWAT team where he currently serves as an assistant team leader. Jason has been a detective since 2015. In 2017 , Jason graduated from the University of San Diego with a Masters Degree in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership.


   Recently Jason helped design and launch the “Cops and Kids / Bridging the Gap“ workout and training program at a local high school using the P2P Fit and Safe Program where officers workout alongside students every week in an attempt to build relationships and mentor students students, while creating positive interactions with police. Jason is a strong family and community man who is fully committed in helping to create and maintain safer students, schools, and communities.   



  • 5 time international SWAT competition champion

  • Named "toughest cop alive."

  • Gold Medalist in Police Olympics.

  • Swat team commander with over 3,000 missions.

  • Master's degree from UCF.

  • Founder PWR Training.

   "Now more than ever before, we need to ensure that our students, schools and communities are safe. Safer Schools Foundation is aimed at doing just that, and it belongs in every school, in every state. I've spent decades in law enforcement and have seen firsthand the power of partnering with communities toward a common goal. Safer Schools Foundation has my highest endorsement."



   Officer Kim has proudly served in law enforcement for 18 years. Her duties included patrol, police explorer  adviser, bike patrol and current assignment as a school resource officer. Officer Kim loves working with the youth in her community and has taken on the responsibility of P2P Safe Kids program in her school. Her love of working out and watching kids enjoy the same, keeps her motivated to make a difference on how youth perceive police officers.


   “It’s not every day you get to interact with students but your interaction can leave a life long impression that officers are real people who truly care about their community”.

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