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# 1: Situational Awareness, Safety, and Security Training Program Designed and Authored by SWAT Veteran / Police Chief David Ogden.

# 2: Cops and Kids / Bridging the Gap Training Program. Designed and authored by Detective Jason Winner.

# 3: Enough is Enough; the voice against all bullying.

# 4: 15 Week Whole Body Physical, Mental and Character Wellness Training Program. This includes the first-ever self-spotting, small group training rack able to accommodate up to 50 participants at a time all while focusing on promoting physical, mental and character wellness. Designed and Authored by Professional Law Enforcement and Athletic Trainers along with Coaches of all levels.

# 5: Teacher and Staff safety and wellness training program.

# 6: Suicide Awareness and Well Being training program.

# 7: Social Media Safety, Awareness and Education Training Program.

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