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"Hello, my name is Tom Stroup. I am a former SWAT Commander with decades of Law Enforcement experience. I had a “chance” meeting with TJ years ago at a city Fire Department. We both soon realized it was not by “chance” that we met. We both realized very quickly that we had a common goal of reaching the youth in America and across the world. “Words not put into action are just words.” TJ and the P2P Fit and Safe Training Program put words into action. Interaction through activity has a much greater impact than just words alone. I have watched TJ and this Training Program create and have a tremendous impact on others and I give both him and this program my highest endorsement. I truly believe this should be installed and belongs in every school and precinct across this nation. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders and this will help prepare them as nothing I have seen before.”

- Former SWAT Commander Law Enforcement Veteran Tom Stroup


“TJ and this team simply do what they say they are going to do. They are on a mission to truly help others and bring positiveness and good into this world. It is refreshing to see and be part of this especially in a time where there is so much negativity everywhere."

- Mark Coleman UFC Hall of Famer


“The energy and enthusiasm TJ puts forth in not just training but helping others is incredibly motivating and inspirational."


- NHL Veteran Kurt Sauer

“I have worked alongside TJ for years and have seen firsthand the power of what he, the team, and training system has and is doing. Making a powerful , positive difference in the lives of others. Remarkable group and program."

- Bob “ Mr. Inspiration “ Wieland. 

  Former strength Coach for NFL Green Bay Packers

  Four time World Bench Press Champion

  USA Vietnam Veteran of the Year

“Assaults have increased globally 40% since mid-2015. Operational Commanders have understood the wisdom in preparation for crisis encounters and the importance of positive leadership roles. The P2P Fit and Safe Program will share that vital understanding for the protection of your loved ones. Our event with TJ, T-rex, and Bob “ Mr. Inspiration" Wieland at the Roper YMCA was just spectacular creating friendships

that will last forever. Honoring our local fallen heroes truly demonstrated our communities love and support for Robbie and Scott."

Police Chief David Ogden

“The first time I saw TJ train people I was hooked. His energy and attention to detail was impressive, but what I found most inspiring was the intensity and passion he demonstrated for helping the client."


- Dwayne Zinger

  NHL Veteran and Personal Trainer

“ TJ and P2P Fit and Safe are genuine, kind hearted, selfless individuals whose character radiates above and beyond to help others!

I have been honored to work with and train with a team that is putting good morals, values, and integrity back into society."

- Travis “ Trex" Smith P2P Fit and Safe Trainer

"As a Former College Football Coach, I know the tremendous importance of instilling strong value and character in the youth while at the same time letting each of them know they are here for an important purpose. I have watched TJ, this program and the leaders of P2P Fit and Safe pour into the youth in a way that is exciting and so powerful. I give TJ, this program and this team my highest recommendation.”


- Coach Bill McCartney

  College Football Hall of Fame Coach

  Founder of Promise Keepers


“Working with TJ and Trex at our local high school was an inspiration. Their drive and passion to reach kids and make a positive impact was

obvious. They made the event fun and set the stage for cops and kids bridging the gap to be a weekly event!"

- Sergeant Jason Winner


“ As a Law Enforcement Veteran , I have seen many programs and people come and go. I can honestly say that it is so refreshing and uplifting to watch and train with Tj and this group. They do what they do with a passion to help and guide the youth and have a positive impact in communities. If you are looking for a person or group that is having a very powerful and positive impact on the youth and communities of this nation , look no further , you found them."

- USA Law Enforcement Veteran Daniel Lovelace

 “To whom it may concern I would like to take a few moments and share with you the type of group you are dealing with. I have been fortunate enough to witness a small part of this group and TJ especially. If you're looking for someone that has a love for youth you found him. If you are looking for someone who is unaffected by what people think and willing to do whatever it takes to help a kid. If you are looking for someone that his thoughts and heart are completely consumed for reaching kids hearts and making them feel loved and important, self worth you found him. This is a group of men with an agenda a mission to rescue youth from the pits of this world and to lift them up and see the potential inside of themselves and that they are not only loved but they and their lives are of significant value and each and every one matters tremendously."

- Lorenz Shock Business Entrepreneur

“I had the fortunate experience of having TJ train myself along with my son over a period of time. I tell you it was one of the best experiences I have had in my lifetime. I lost over 40 pounds , as great as that was I got to do it alongside my son Matthew and that is something I will cherish forever. I have watched Tj train many many of our youth and each time it is powerful. He is a man that takes tremendous pride in helping others and letting the youth and others know they are of great value. His work will have a generational impact.”


- Larry Kerychuk

  Former Pro Athlete

  Founder of Athletes International Ministry.


“I have never seen a person put so much into anything as Tj puts into the mission of training and teaching the youth how valuable they are. He puts forth 110% and the results are powerful. The impact his efforts has on our youth, schools, and communities is in-measurable. As a business owner, husband and dad. I am thankful for TJ and the work he does “


- Fred Woodworth Business Owner

” I was able to attend and view a SWAT / Law Enforcement Training session ran and facilitated by TJ. I was beyond impressed with the intensity and attention to details he puts forth. As a leadership consultant myself , TJ is truly a man that understands what it means to lead by example. I left that training day with a true feeling of inspiration and excitement. The work he does to help prepare Law Enforcement Officers to be the very best they can be was truly admirable. I give TJ my highest endorsement."

- Amy Leneker Leadership Consultant



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